Minor in Philosophy


A Minor in Philosophy will give students in various disciplines an opportunity to engage in the study of philosophy. This will help them develop critical thinking, reflective consciousness, and other transferable skills, which can strengthen their disciplinary studies and enable them to better adapt to changing circumstances of the world.


The Minor in Philosophy is open to all students in NTU.


Students are required to read at least FIVE (5) courses totaling at least 15 AUs.

A: Core​​B: Elective
2 Courses​3 Courses​
  • Out of the FIVE (5) courses, students must complete TWO (2) compulsory courses, with the remaining THREE (3) courses to be selected from the list of electives.

Refer below for the list of courses:


HY1001 Introduction to Philosophy (3 AUs) 

HY1002 Symbolic Logic (3 AUs) OR HY5002 Logic and Critical Thinking (3 AUs) 

HY2002 Moral Philosophy (3 AUs)

HY2003 Introduction to Chinese Philosophy (3 AUs)

HY2005 Political Philosophy (3 AUs)  

HY2008 Environmental Ethics (3 AUs)

HY2010 Ancient Philosophy (3 AUs) 

HY2012 Early Modern Philosophy (3 AUs) 

HY2015 Philosophy of Well Being (3 AUs) 

HY2016 Friendship (3 AUs)

HY2025 Medical Ethics (3 AUs)

HY2026 Business Ethics  (3 AUs)

HY3001 Existentialism (3 AUs) 

HY3002 Philosophy of Medicine (3 AUs)

HY3003 World Religions (3 AUs)

HY3004 Reason and Faith (3 AUs)

HY3010 Philosophy of Science (3 AUs)

HY3011 Philosophy of Mind (3 AUs) 

HY3012 Philosophy of Technology (3 AUs)

HY3014 19th Century Continental Philosophy (3 AUs)

HY3015 20th Century Continental Philosophy (3 AUs)

HY3018 Epistemology (3 AUs)

HY3019 Consequentialism (3 AUs)

HY3020 Deontology (3 AUs)

HY3021 Philosophy of Race and Gender (3 AUs)

HY3022 Comparative Philosophy: East and West (3 AUs)

HY3024 Virtue Ethics (3 AUs)

HY3025 Philosophy and Literature (3 AUs)

HY4002 Knowledge and Reality (4 AUs)

HY4003 Advanced Epistemology (4 AUs)

HY4005 History of Analytic Philosophy (4 AUs)

HY4006 Philosophy of Physics (4 AUs)

HY4007 Aesthetics (4 AUs) 

HY4008 Advanced Moral Philosophy (4 AUs)

HY4009 Value Theory (4 AUs)

HY4010 Neo-Confucianism (4 AUs)

HY4011 Moral Psychology (4 AUs)

HY4013 Philosophy of Language (4 AUs) 

HY4015 Philosophical Methodologies (4 AUs)

HY4021 Practical Rationality (4 AUs)

HY4023 Metaethics (4 AUs)

HY4024 Metaphysics (4 AUs)

HY4025 Ethics and Public Policy (4 AUs)

HY4027 Perception (4 AUs)

HY4037 Kant (4 AUs)

HY4110 Special Topics in Philosophy of Science (4 AUs)

HY4111 Special Topics in Ethics (4 AUs)

HY4112 Special Topics in Philosophy (4 AUs)

HY4113 Special Topics in Chinese Philosophy (4 AUs)

HY4114 Special Topics in Logic (4 AUs)

HY4116 Phenomenology (4 AUs)

HY4120 Special Topics in Philosophy of Science II (4 AUs)

HY4121 Special Topics in Ethics II (4 AUs)

HY4122 Special Topics in Philosophy II (4 AUs)

HY4123 Special Topics in Chinese Philosophy II (4 AUs)

HY4124 Special Topics in Logic II (4 AUs)

HY4130 Special Topics in Philosophy of Science III (4 AUs)

HY4131 Special Topics in Ethics III (4 AUs)

HY4132 Special Topics in Philosophy III (4 AUs)

HY4133 Special Topics in Chinese Philosophy III (4 AUs)

HY4134 Philosophical Issues of Confucianism (4 AUs)


Important notes to Minor students
  • All Philosophy core courses must be completed in NTU.
  • All Minor must be registered as GER-Unrestricted Electives.
  • Courses opted for S/U will not be counted towards the fulfilment of the Minor.
  • Students should declare their intention to pursue a Minor in Philosophy online via this link.