Published on 26 Jul 2018

MSc TIP Convocation 2018

Master of Science in Technopreneurship and Innovation Programme's (MSc TIP) Class of 2018 celebrated their convocation last Thursday on July 26. Held at the Nanyang Technopreneurship Centre (NTC), the graduates, their families, and the professors alike gathered to mark this happy occasion.

Associate Professor Wen Yonggang, Director of NTC, congratulated the cohort for their achievements. Focusing on the skills the graduates have acquired over the course of their studies, he urged the students to use them when faced with uncertainty, overcome setbacks and lead with confidence.

“More importantly, you will be able to create opportunities for yourself and others, make a positive impact in the community you live in, keep abreast and connect with new trends, and to embrace the future with an entrepreneurial mindset,” he said.

Among the graduates of the Class of 2018, five full-time and three part-time students on the Director’s List received Merit Awards for their performance. One such recipient, full-time student Ramchand Nanikram Jagtianiakshay, cited traits that have helped in his learning such as enthusiasm, cooperation and mutual understanding. The father of three children, he holds strongly to his belief that “Change never stops, learning never ends, and growing never pauses”.

For these students, the past one to two years have been nothing short of eventful. Experiential learning formed a large part of their curriculum, which culminated in a three-week immersion trip in the United States earlier this year.

They also faced their fair share of hardships. Part-time student Richard Soh recalls a particularly tough period in his educational journey, where he wanted to give up on his studies. However, he was encouraged by his professor, who told him that “NTC is a family, and we will always look out for each other”. This gave him the strength to push through and overcome his difficulties.

To commemorate the cohort’s achievements, Associate Professor Wen Yonggang and Dr Xia Zhi Qiang personally presented a souvenir to each student.

This was followed by performances put up by the graduating students. This included a lovely duet sung by Li Ming Hua and Shan Shan, and a solo dance piece by Ayu Satya Kartika. The performance ended on a high note with Mrs Fu Yu Kun, the mother of one of the graduating students. Representing the family of graduates, she dedicated a song to the professors. With her powerful vocals that expressed her heartfelt emotions, she touched the hearts of the audience, receiving a resounding round of applause.

Congratulations to the Class of 2018, and we wish you all the best in your future endeavours!