Published on 27 Mar 2019

LiTE Bites with Cheryl Wee

Prior to 2016, Cheryl Wee was spokesperson for Jean Yip Group, an established presence in pageants, an ambassador to various brands, a musician and an actress. Her roles placed her right under the public eye, during which she battled against body image issues.

Speaking about her journey and experiences, the founder of Cheryl W Wellness & Weight Management was in Nanyang Technopreneurship Centre (NTC) for a Leadership in Technology Entrepreneurship (LiTE) Bites session on March 27. The lunch time talk series is open to NTU students and faculty keen on pursuing an entrepreneurial career.

For Cheryl Wee, the path towards entrepreneurship was borne out of a passion for wellness and weight management. Overcoming her struggles led to finding her purpose in helping other young women lose weight in a healthy and natural way.

During the talk, she shared her motivations behind creating the Cheryl W brand, as well as her aspirations to "inspire others to find their best selves" by advocating positive self-image and healthy weight management.

Looking ahead, she intends to take her business even further. Through Cheryl W, she aims to elevate the status and reputation of the beauty industry and redefine the standards of beauty and weight management.

On what entrepreneurship meant to her, Cheryl credits it to her father, who taught her that it goes beyond just a job – it is a spirit.

"It is to have a sense of ownership at what you’re doing, where you’re at, and to take things into your own hands and the drive to make positive changes."