Published on 03 Oct 2018

Entrepreneurship Education: Mindset, Skills, and Approaches

A delegation of 10 deans from universities in the Philippines visited Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore) on September 13 as part of a customised programme under the Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP). The visit aimed to provide knowledge and skills on innovation and academic entrepreneurship through an exploration of NTU's ecosystem.

The delegation got to learn more about Nanyang Technopreneurship Center (NTC), its history, programmes and educational approaches. They later toured the campus, visiting landmarks such as The Hive, an innovative learning hub for students, and Clean Tech One, an eco-business park featuring collaborations between NTU and businesses.

The group also had the opportunity to attend a course on Exploring Entrepreneurship at NTC. During the lesson, they explored the concept and value of entrepreneurship, its process, and the relevant skills and competencies expected of aspiring entrepreneurs.

The visit concluded with a stop at NTU's Makers' Labs - the SCSE Innovation Lab and REP Makers’ Lab. The delegation was introduced to how the labs play a critical role in acting as distributed innovation and entrepreneurship engines for students. It was a first-hand experience showing how NTU engages with students, researchers, the industry, and the government to create a healthy and sustainable entrepreneurship ecosystem.

"We are especially thankful that the presenters were so open in sharing their experiences during Nanyang's journey to becoming the leading Technopreneurship Hub in the ASEAN Region," said Ms. Anja Teehankee.

"This really gives us something to aspire to and also motivates us to play an active part in supporting our local entrepreneurship ecosystem."

About the Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP)

The EDP provides short-term education and training on innovation and entrepreneurship to the general public and those with specific interests in new business ventures. It offers open and customised courses to address the needs for enterprising and personal development.

Open courses include standardised modules on innovation and entrepreneurship covering the concept and value of entrepreneurship, critical entrepreneurial competencies, and topics on the life cycle of an enterprise. Customised courses are also available, providing entrepreneurship trainings tailor-made for various institutions, companies, SMEs and universities around the world.

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