Published on 22 Nov 2019

AAO-NTC Entrepreneurship Camp

A collaboration between NTU Alumni Affairs Office and Nanyang Technopreneurship Center, the AAO-NTC Entrepreneurship Camp saw 15 alumni and 90 students taking part in the event, held on November 22 at NTU@one-north. Centred around the theme of 'Challenges and Opportunities', the camp encouraged participants to learn from their peers and discuss within an open environment.

"Such an event is always very helpful for an entrepreneur or corporate executive at any level as it provides support, gives insights and connects us with new people for future collaboration," said Farhan Firdaus, emcee and moderator for the event.

After a networking dinner, Mr. Jay McCarthy, Co-founder and Partner of SparkLabs Global, introduced his company to the audience. SparkLabs is an innovation network connecting startup accelerators over the globe and strives to build premier innovation ecosystems. Following the camp's theme, Mr. McCarthy showed how SparkLabs was able to provide opportunities for both aspiring entrepreneurships and established businesses alike.

Mr. Chris Fong, Co-founder and Chief Innovation & Strategic Growth Officer of Fefifo, led the second sharing. Fefifo is a technology-first co-farming company that provides resources and guidance to ASEAN farmers. During the session, Mr. Fong shared how making farming more accessible allowed its community of farmers to grow higher quality food at less cost.

The last guest sharing was helmed by Mr. Ted Chen, Co-founder of Evercomm Singapore. He mentioned how the Asia Pacific is currently struggling to meet Sustainable Development Goals, and how he hopes his company can help contribute in changing that. To date, Evercomm Singapore has helped 94 companies optimize available technologies and transit towards zero-emission operations.

Following the guest speakers, members of the audience themselves were able to share their own stories with their peers. Jain Praachi, a current Master of Science Technopreneurship & Innovation Programme student, spoke about opportunities within healthcare concierge services. Yiong Kok Kong, an alumni from the Class of 2017, talked about a few initiatives he is working on.

"We had insightful sharing from our current students and alumni entrepreneurs about their business, experiences and struggles," said Farhan.

"Although it was the first time for us to meet, we felt like we knew each other already because we know that we're all part of one NTU Family."