Current Students

As a current student, please join us in giving back to the community and explore new horizons as you step out of your comfort zone to meet new friends, and reach further in your journey towards personal development and growth. Expand your horizons and develop an inclusive mindset as you prepare to become a future global citizen and leader of the industry.
A group of people at the starting line of a running competition with a participant on a wheelchair. Two facilitators are on bicycles.
3 blindfolded students holding to their sighted guides.
Two students holding a bubble each.

U.n.I Bites

Keen to know more about the diverse and major festivals celebrated in Singapore? Look no further! U.n.I Bites provides bite-sized information to equip you with interesting facts about how major festivals are being celebrated in multicultural Singapore.

U.n.I Community Involvement Projects (CIP)

Get engaged with us and your fellow peers in our Community Involvement Projects (CIP) and start giving back to society today! No prior CIP experience required. 

U.n.I Friends Programme

Do you want to be a globetrotter with an inclusive mindset? Are you looking for like-minded friends? Look no further! Be a U.n.I Friend and play an active role in promoting the NTU-4i's of Inclusion, Integration, Internationalisation and Inter-cultural skills within the NTU community.

Existing students can refer to the intranet for registration.

U.n.I Local & International Friendship Experience (LIFE)

Are you someone who likes to share about Singapore with your new-found international friends? Or you would like to widen your social network and make friends from all around the world? 

Be a U.n.I LIFE Ambassador to guide and point your new-found international friends in the right direction and help to make their stay here a pleasant, inclusive and memorable one.

Existing students can refer to the intranet for registration.


‘Chefs on Campus’ invites students to submit a recipe of their choice to share with the NTU community. The initiative allows students to inspire and learn from others as we build a community of cooks on campus and share both cultural and practical recipes. We invite you to browse the e-cookbook for tips and insights and to expand your cooking repertoire!


Discover the wonderful unique flavours of food across the globe through the Foodmania series, where we take your taste buds on a trip across diverse culinary landscapes! In collaboration with the Graduate Students' Association and NTU Student Union through Confluence, Foodmania shares fun and interesting food facts on dishes from different parts of the world. 

(Serving of buffet will not be allowed until further notice.)

Pre-Graduation Seminar

Learn about the latest employment trends and outlook, form new networks with your peers, and maximise your chances as you prepare to commence your journey into the corporate world. 

Contact us at if you have further inquiries.