Cultural Programmes 文化项目

CI-NTU Cultural and Institute Funds Programme comprise of Calligraphy & Arts, Health & Wellness programmes, cultural and language competitions as well as seminars conducted by renowned scholars that are beneficial to the community. We designed immersion programme to provide an all-rounded opportunity to experience China’s progress. We develop executive training programmes for government officials from different countries.

Immerse yourselves in our cultural programmes, be enthralled by the wonders and beauty of Chinese Culture.

    • Appreciation of Chinese Opera
    • Basic Dizi (Chinese Flute) Course
    • Chinese Calligraphy Workshop
    • Chinese Ink Painting Workshop
    • Discovering TCM Acupuncture
    • Enhancement Of The Healthy Voice And Help For The Troubled Voice
    • Finger Painting Course
    • Guzheng Beginner Course
    • Healthy Ageing through Learning and Practice
    • Historical and Cultural Heritage of China
    • Introductory Course in Traditional Chinese Medicine
    • Sing With Freedom
    • Singing Made Simple: The McClosky Voice Method – Series 1
    • Singing Made Simple: The McClosky Voice Method – Series 2
    • Weiqi: The Skills and Culture (Elementary)
    • Virtual seminars in celebration of Lunar New Year 2021
    • Chinese Calligraphy & Spring Festival Couplets
    • Lecture Series On Chinese Language, Literature, History And Philosophy
    • Confucius Institute Day 2019
    • Nanyang Chinese Literature Award
    • Nanyang Youth Chinese Literature Award