Indonesian SMA Ujian Akhir Nasional (UAN)

You must be able to provide Year 10 and 11 Rapor results in the national SMA curriculum if you are applying under this qualification. If not, please check here and submit your application that matches your high school qualification. If you apply using wrong application form, we reserve the right not to process your application further.

Minimum Requirement to Apply
Please click here to view in Bahasa Indonesia.

Completed High School
A good pass in SMA UAN/SMA Nilai Ujian Sekolah. IJAZAH SMA (front and back) and Sertifikat Hasil Ujian Nasional (SHUN) SMA (if applicable) must be submitted at application.

Studying in Grade 12
Students studying in Grade 12 can apply with Year 10 and 11 Rapor results (the page with School’s teacher or principal signature and school stamp must be included if it is not on the same page where results is shown).  A score of not less than 7.0 in most subjects (excluding Moral Education, Art, Bahasa Indonesian language) is required. If admitted, students must produce their Ijazah SMA to complete the application. Failing which, the admission decision will be revoked.

Direct Admission
Medallists (Gold, Silver or Bronze) of International Science Olympiads Competitions in Biology (IBO), Chemistry (IChO), Physics (IPhO), Mathematics (IMO), Informatics (IOI), Astronomy (IAO) and Astronomy and Astrophysics (IOAA) will be considered for admission more favourably to programmes related to their field of achievement. Admission to programmes not closely related to the field of achievement will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Interview may be conducted before the decision of admissions is made. Medalists applying for admission to Medicine, Maritime Studies, Sports Science Management, non-Engineering and non-Science programmes are not exempted to sit for NTU Entrance Examination.

To apply, you must be in the final year of your high school or already completed your high school.

NTU Entrance Examination
Required before admission decision can be made. NTU EE is on invitation only.  No separate application is required.  Students who have previously sat for the exam will not be invited again and the application may not be considered further.

Programmes Eligibility
Eligible to apply for all programmes if fulfil the minimum subject requirements of the programmes. 

1. Admission is highly competitive, especially for non-citizens, due to limited places available.  The admission point varies from year to year and between different programmes.  Meeting the minimum requirements to apply does not guarantee admission to any of the programmes in NTU.

2. The primary factor in admission decision is the high school academic performance.  

3. The admission decision will be determined by the performance in the University Entrance Examinations.


This form is applicable only to students with Indonesia SMA UAN Qualification.

If you are holding other qualifications, please click here to check on the correct application form that matches your high school qualification.  Please note that your application may be treated as void if you use the wrong form.

This form may take you 20 minutes or more to fill in and it must be completed in English. You will need the following information to fill in the form:

  • your passport / Identity Card number. Singaporeans / Singapore Permanent Residents to provide Singapore IC number.
  • your home, postal address (in English) and phone number
  • your educational results since high school
    • SMA IJAZAH (front and back)
    • SMA UAN (if available)
    • School Reports (Rapor SMA), if you are studying in Kelas 3/Grade 12.(The school reports showing results entered in application form must be submitted after application.  The page with School’s teacher or principal signature and school stamp must be included if it is not on the same page where results is shown.)
      • Kelas 1/Grade 10 (Semester 1, 2)
      • Kelas 2/Grade 11 (Semester 1, 2)
    • University transcript (if applicable)
    • TOEFL or SAT or IELTS or PTE Academic or ACT with Writing score sheet (Optional, to provide only if taken)

Please pay the application fee and submit the required supporting documents after your online application is successfully submitted.  Your application cannot be processed until application fee and supporting documents are received.

The application has closed.

Note: To establish your correct identity and facilitate processing of your application for admissions, your personal identification (NRIC for SG/SPR, FIN and/or Passport number for international students) is required.